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Nivel "casero" de agua para depósito

Iniciado por ooznak, Noviembre 20, 2007, 11:57:17 am

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si no entiendo mal... esto es un nivel casero para depósitos, no?

Fresh water display
Often the fresh water display defective.
When I was Kunstoff-Rohr of the encoder for the tank must display gerissen.Das pipe from the screw broke out.
Also, the brown mass must cast from the screw removed.
The board can usually after a cleaning reused.
The resistors Reed and the contacts should be renewed.
If the original board not in order, then the circuit on a circuit board euro to be simulated.
The board will be in a 9mm plastic pipe from Rauclaire (food) eingeführt.Hierdurch gets the tube oval shape on the swim to prevent twisting.
Since the outside diameter is slightly larger than the original, the swimmer in the inner-diameter aufgefeilt (magnets new verkeben).
The tube then sucking fits into the screw.
I have the whole thing still below and above the screw with real food and silicone sealed up with a plastic cap versehen.Unten I have the tube with a stopper and silicone sealed.

Have fun while building!

... se trata no tanto de ver lo que aún nadie ha visto, sino de pensar lo que aún nadie ha pensado sobre aquello que todos ven ...


Exacto, este sirve para el medidor de nivel que lleva la Florida, de cinco leds. Supongo que no servirá para otros tipos de medidores de nivel.
Live slow caracol