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Disculpas, mi español aún no es muy bueno, así que escribiré esta publicación en inglés y agregaré una traducción automática a continuación. Agradezco los consejos y la ayuda de todos.


I am in the process of shipping my personal van (87 Westfalia, all stock) from the US (California) to my new residence in Spain (Barcelona) via Rotterdam port. I am looking for help from someone who has gone through the import/registration process.

1) The handling agent in Rotterdam will issue a T1 (Transit) document to allow for the van to reach its final destination within the EU. I am planning to drive the van to Spain and clear customs there. Does anyone have recommendation on companies that could help clear the customs in Barcelona?
2) Registration/Homologation - does anyone have had experience getting a US Westy registered in Spain? I have a hard time knowing where to start. French VW forums mention Certificate of Conformity, is it also required in Spain? Does anyone know of a local (Barcelona) company/garage that could help through all the formalities?

Thank you in advance!

Español (auto)

Estoy en el proceso de enviar mi furgoneta personal (87 Westfalia, todo en stock) desde los EE. UU. (California) a mi nueva residencia en España (Barcelona) a través del puerto de Róterdam. Busco ayuda de alguien que haya pasado por el proceso de importación/registro.

1) El agente de asistencia en Róterdam emitirá un documento T1 (Tránsito) para permitir que la furgoneta llegue a su destino final dentro de la UE. Estoy planeando conducir la furgoneta a España y pasar la aduana allí. ¿Alguien tiene alguna recomendación sobre empresas que puedan ayudar a pasar la aduana en Barcelona?
2) Matriculación/Homologación - ¿alguien ha tenido experiencia en la matriculación de un Westy estadounidense en España? Me cuesta saber por dónde empezar. Los foros franceses de VW mencionan el Certificado de Conformidad, ¿también se exige en España? ¿Alguien sabe de una empresa/taller local (Barcelona) que pueda ayudar con todos los trámites?

¡Gracias de antemano!


As long as you're moving to Spain and the van is yours at least 6 months before you come you can do a "cambio de residencia". It's a quite less restrictive way of getting a foreign vehicle registered. You won't need a CoC (There were no CoCs in '87 anyways) but a "ficha reducida" and as long as the vehicle has lights, mirrors, emissions are OK, etc you will be able to easily register it here.

Have in mind (I don't think is your case) that you won't be able to sell the vehicle in some time after that process because you won't pay as much as a regular import for customs (You're moving, not importing for benefit).

I recommend you to talk with some vehicle engineers so they can guide you through the process. Some of them are forum supporters so, shot them a message.



PS: We can't trust 100% you with no van pics haha


i see kind of a mixed problem import a vehicle with the residence waiver you first need to have a legal spanish residence document. I guess you will have it at some point, but timing here is important.

Once you have a residence permit, its then kind of easy to have the vehicle locally registered.


Thanks both!

@Blizzard: acknowledged on the criteria to avoid paying import tax, I have had the van for a few years and plan on keeping it for many more ;) Good to know there is no need for CoC. How can I find the vehicle engineers on the forum (sorry if this is a noob question)?

@so23: agreed on getting the timing right. I have about a month before the van arrives in Europe and I am already working to get a NIE and "certificado de cuidadanos EU". Hopefully, this will be done within a month and is sufficient to prove legal residence in Spain.

P.S. Here is a picture of Heidegger, our beloved van :)


No me extraña que no quieras deshacerte de ella, esta impecable!, felicidades!

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We can give you information because we use to import different vehicles from US.

To give the best way to do the importation we need to know about the vehicle, and how do you want import it. We need to have copy of the title and pictures of the car. To know about where clear the duties (maybe a T1 is not the best option) you have to explain us why do you want to clear the duties in Spain. (The Netherlands is EU and have special taxes (very low) for vehicles older than 30 years, as yours)


J. Luis


Cita de: Banja en Junio 09, 2022, 11:41:12 amP.S. Here is a picture of Heidegger, our beloved van :)

Damn.. Awesome van. Hope you join the local meetings near Barcelona so we can see her.