My Caddy 4motion camper

Iniciado por Acenry, Agosto 02, 2016, 15:17:52 pm

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Hello everybody...  :)

I found many ideas and inspiration on this forum (gracias!), now it's my turn to share pictures of my Caddy and the camper kit I made!  ;D

Hope you like it!



Great job!

I have the same model for work and I'm very happy with the VW Caddy, now it's time to enjoy your 'RV'  ;)


We're leaving tomorrow for France... I hope everything works!  ;D


Hemos construido un sistema que nos persuade a gastar dinero que no tenemos en cosas que no necesitamos para crear impresiones que no durarán en personas que no nos importan" Gauvreay

[img width=300 height=100]


Hola! Came back after 2 weeks travelling in France... It's been great!  :)
Visited Loire Valley, Brittany and Normandy for a total of over 4000 km  .loco2

Here are some "in action" pictures.


Nice van and camper conversion. Regards