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Me and two friends are planning on visiting Spain in August in our VW Campers

I would like to download the GPS from your mapa_furgoperfecto. Is this possible?

I get a message saying 'El tema o foro que estás buscando parece que no existe, o fuera de tus límites.'

Here's a picture of my van  ;D




I don't know what happens. I though that anyone could dowload the furgoperfectos map. The message is telling you that you are not allowed to do that, you can write to a moderator and he will tell you what to do. Good luck!! ;)
Pa´que dormir en casa si se puede dormir por ahí...


Yes it is posible

you have different links depending on your GPS system, just download it, and it should work

Good luck



Common tell us something about your plans. Which route are you going to make? And what places are you visiting? We may help you, for example, it seems not to be allowed and very punished the free camping in Asturias.
See you!!!