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Iniciado por patchouli, Abril 08, 2014, 14:28:20 pm

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I have a problem.  I am resident in Spain but I am a UK national (was born in UK and lived there till the age of 14)  I have just bought a UK reg camper converted ldv van but because I am in Spain and a young driver. (23) nobody will insure me,  not Spanish or UK insurers.  If anybody can help me with this and tell me of an insurance company please!  I  am planning on travelling Europe but desperately  need insurance .thanks  .loco1


Hi patchouli,
Just to get some more information.
Is your van a UK van, steering wheel on the right side?
UK plates?
Have you a UK or Spanish driving license? How long ago did you get it?
As you probably know, it's frequently difficult to get an insurance for "young drivers" in Spain, at least if you want to get a reasonable price.

Is there any possibility to put the insurance at somebody else's name (older than you) and include you as an ocasional driver? That could work..

What companies have you tried?

Don't desperate, I'm sure you will find a solution for your holidays to take place..



Its a Uk plated van with steering wheel on right hand side.
I have a Spanish driving license from 2 and half years ago.
With all the insurance companies Ive tried, they wouldnt even let me be an occasional driver because I am under 25. I have searched the internet for all the insurance companies in Spain that insurance Uk vehicles and nobody will insure me.. I dont know what to do. Do you have any suggestions?/
Thanks :)


Try Classic Cover. That's who we're with. I'm from the UK and have lived in the Basque Country now for 7 years. I came over in my van and stayed here (in a house now!).