Cheers from Denmark. And a Tachograph question

Iniciado por jensjakob, Septiembre 29, 2013, 23:16:35 pm

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I need some help from within Spain.

I am reaseching this:

Especially 13.1.i (Exemption for 10-17 seaters in private traffic).

As you can read here, there is a lot of confusion:

And I cant find an authoritative source on whether Spain has implemented 13.1.i or not.

My challenge:
* I will visit Spain next year. Hopefully in a T4 10 seater, first reg. december 1999.
Without tachograph.... (As Denmark has exemption for 561/2006 according to 13.1.i).

And I would like to be prepared - the best thing would be to have the proper legal references printed in the car - in case I get pulled over and need to document that I can drive without tachograph,....

So - I would really appreciate any input, links, suggestions etc - to help me find out what the regulations are in Spain on this subject.

Happy driVWing

Jens Jakob