Thank you again Furgovw!

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Following on from the succes of last year's trip we chose to go a little further - Santander>Oviedo>Zamora>Porto>Aveiro>Finisterra>Lugo>Ribadeo>Santander and many stopovers along the way. Furgovw POI downloaded to TomTom guided us all the way. We only encountered one place where there was a sign forbidding motorhomes but that was close to a commercial camp site. The remoter parts of Galicia had beautiful beaches and places to stop over. I will put some pictures of the trip up shortly. regards, Chris & Sharon (UK)


Welcome Chris & Sharon.
We hope your photos.
A greeting.
Nos gustaria emplear toda nuestra vida en viajar,si alguien nos pudiera prestar una segunda vida para pasarla en casa ,le estariamos muy agradecidos.


It is not the typical spanish region to visit but, from my opinion, you chose one of the best areas to be visited by van. Hopefully there is not too much tourism and it will keep like that for a long time. We are from Asturias and we are going to let our Camper Van, so we would be very grateful if you spread your beautiful experiences in your Country, lol.

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