Displaying a rear cycle carrier sign?

Iniciado por sololite, Mayo 09, 2013, 22:41:39 pm

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Please can someone tell me what kind of rear warning sign we must display when carrying bicycles on the back of our camper van when travelling in Spain? must it be aluminium or can it be plastic? does it have specific dimensions?

we are driving through Spain and Portugal this Summer, please can you tell us if Portugal has the same legal requirement?


Chris & Sharon (UK)


I think this sign is named V20 and can be plastic or metal if the sealer have homologation.
I don't know if it's necessary in Portugal.
VW T5 2009


It should be aluminium in Spain, but I imagine police won´t tell you anything if you have the plastic one, as you come from another country.
I cannot help you about the law in Portugal, but should be very similar

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