Just to practice.

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Hi, I am from Spain. But I was living at Ireland for two months when I was  a kid, and in 1999 was an exchange estudent in the US. Since then I haven´t practiced English as much as I would liked and it will br great to do it here.

Actually I am living in Asturias, but I would like communicate in English. If it is about travelling, outdoor sports, or fauna that would be great.

Prefiero cerrar la boca y parecer idiota que abrirla y demostrarlo, o no...


Hi Andres,
I am from Northern Ireland. I live 10 miles from Belfast.  I'd certainly be glad to help with your English.
I have been spending time over the past years reading the forum to help with my Spanish. I listen to Linguaphone Spanish, Michel Thomas, beginner and intermediate and I would read a few pages of Spanish books each night.
Nice T4 by the way.

Saludos Colin
Tiene sellos para Irelanda del Nortes



Just have a look here....people from the foro trying to improve their english...


Hello!!! Sorry for my bad english, jejeje.
I´m thinking to go to UK or Ireland or Malta to learn english.
I ask for the possibility to go with the "furgo" and to live there a few month, or that is a craziness, jejejej
Maybe is better to rent a room.... or initially go with the Van and when I choose the perfect place to learn english for me, I rent a room.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you........
Cuando muere un viejo Africano, se quema una biblioteca.
Mientras mi jefe actue como si me estuviera pagando un buen sueldo, yo actuaré como si estuviera haciendo un buen trabajo.............
Es curioso que la vida, cuanto mas vacía, mas pesa.