2. VW-T3 TURKEY VW AND VANAGON MEETING (01.-02. sept 2012)

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Dear all...

We, as the Turkish T3 drivers club ( http://www.volkswagen-t3.com ), are planing our 2. but already named as "international" meeting this year in IZMIR / TURKEY and we are very hopefull for an international drivers.

We are relatively new as a VW T3 club, and we alredy have our 2. year, and of course 2. meeting. And we already played with the thoughts of a balkan meeting, which could may be take place once in every country , each year,... But this is going to be another topic. Now it about TURKEY meeting and your INVITATION:

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01. - 02. September 2012, the meeting will take place in  Izmir /  HIPO CAMP ( http://www.hipocamp.com/home.html ) and will continue after the weekend as a little tour around south coasts and mittle anatolia. This is the route we are planning to achive with our members and guests.

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Also for the visitors, who doesnt want to travel by their busses, we can offer the holiday village in the same complex as the camping place. The plan is going to be like that:

- The main event will take place in HIPOCAMP, as written above. And hopefully with some international flair over the weekend, directly by sea side.

- Monday,  03.10. we will hit to  Ephesos see the antique city and will make a stop over near to that beautiful place.


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- we will drive than further to south, along the sea and visit villages, beaches and nature at Marmaris, Fehtiye, Ölüdeniz, Köycegiz.

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-  friday, we are planning to be at Lake Burdur and the convoi will spread in all directions to get back home.

- Last stop by Afyon, middle Anatolia, famous with his kitchen, and grill at the Volkswagen Dealers big garden to say good bye !

Any car, bike, bus,  beetle or hicht hickers are welcome.
no need to reserve or fill any forms to be a part. It will only be great for un for the planning how many of you could come .
No registrations fee needed. The meeting is free of charge for everyone . Only the camping fee (which are listed in the hipocamp homepage) will be charged by the camping itself.  We will also get -10% off as the participants.

As in almost every VW meetings, we will organise an 2. hand market where you can bring goodies to sell and help your pocket to get back home ;) I assure you, the turkish market of oldtimers is very poor and needs supply :)

I will try to post further informations here about the route and any changes on the organisation.

You can e mail me  (spoken languages : turkish, english, german, french and a little italien) for any question or wishes


FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/events/192285514207952/
you can download our poster here if you want to have the bigger version (bigger is better, especially for this design)



emilio.sanjose  already joined us in our forum and told us about your plans and meetings.
Unfortunately it s really a Loooong way to achieve, as you might think the same about our meeting :)

but it ok, it schould be a "beginning", a start to get to know each other, and who knows, one day we might meet somewhere in the middle :)

hope to see you soon... somewhere



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thanks friend!

As I like to go to that reunion. Your country is incredible. very nice.

Greetings from Spain and welcome to our forum!

a hug

animo a todos los usuarios de este foro a darse una vuelta por el foro turco, alli serán bienvenidos como yo lo he sido.  y si vosotros podeis viajar, mirar su quedada.... eso si que es un viaje..!!!



Dear friends,

Thanks for the invitation, but as my other colleagues told you it´s a quite long trip to go. It´s a pity, as this is a fantastic country to visit. Let us keep in contact and hope to meet all together in a nearer place.

Welcome to the forum!!
Hijo mío, la felicidad está hecha de pequeñas cosas: Un pequeño yate, u
na pequeña mansión, una pequeña fortuna...

Despiece motor JX: http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=267222.0


Hi there,

Thanks for the invitation. i love your country, I've been there many times but never driving. i wish I could go this time but it seems impossible. Hope to join the meeting another year. All the best for your club and welcome to this forum.


Actually, we knew it s reaslly to far away, but we have just began with it and want to organise a meeting every year.
We might even organise a Blakn meeting with Bulgarians and greeks together next year.

I will keep informing you.

Hope to see you somewhere, somehow

(by the way, i will be in Madrid on sunday, for 3 hrs, and fly to america afterwords)


Hello Friend!

What a surprise. I got the stickers.

When put in my van makes photo.

I appreciate the detail. Send me your address privately and I'll send one of this forum ok?

Give details of where you will be on Sunday, airport? No flight? I might not go, but I can see you.

a big hug

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Good to see that old good post still working  !!!

i will be around 10:20 at Madrid Barajas and fly again at around 13:00 ...

I will look down from the plane and search for T3s  :)

Merlin Cat

Thanks for the invite Altannn  :)

It looks beautiful. I have been to Bodrum once, many years ago and it was lovely.  Sadly its too far to go for me this year, but maybe another year?  I hope it all goes well and you attract many vans  :)


the adhesive is already put in my van.

thanks for the details.

Greetings from Madrid (Spain)

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