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T2 Oil

Iniciado por takerest, Marzo 05, 2014, 11:18:21 am

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I'm living in Mataró just up the coast from Barcelona.
I´ve always used Morris Classic motoroil SAE30 in my T2 2L petrol Westy. I´ve run out and wonder if I can find the same locally? Any reccommendations for an equivalent?
Also, is there anyone in the area, Catalonia who could recommend a reliable Vdub garage?
Thanks a million!


Hi, I use a 15/40 grade oil in our VW T2.
It depends a lot on where you live and where you're going to be using the van. In what temperatures?
The multi-grade oils now are pretty good compared to when they wrote the VW manuals that recommended single grade oils.

You might find this webpage helpful: http://www.vw-resource.com/engine_oil.html

All the best!


Hi TakeRest,

Here we like to use Motul.. They still manufacture monogrades for clasic cars.

You can find tecnical details here:


Still, i think you shoul go for a multi-grade. Specially if you live in Mataró..



I use Castrol GTX 20w50, I ordered it from pidenosaceite.com.
The best garage I found until now is next to Girona, they are called Auto Renart in Sant Juliá de Ramis, Carrer Garbi. 


Hi Shan I think that we coincide the other day at the gas station in San Vicente de Montalt while i was reposting diesel in my motorhome Mercedes.
I'm surprised that you do not find oil, but you can try in Mataro in Ad Marina, Coi AUTOMOCIÓ or Bosch there beside the firemens.

If you want to send me a private and I can tell you where to park the van. A greeting!

Excuse me for my asshole english.


Auto Renart is a very specialised VW aircooled motor in Girona
The recommended oil is castrol 20 50. I use this on my van


Take into account that an aircooled VW engine is not very sensitive to oil quality...

But it is VERY sensitive to delaying oil change (every 3000km or every year if you dont use it).

So buy the cheapest mineral oil (20W50) out there, change every 3000km and set valves