Driving through Australia (Queensland and Victoria) with an altenative campervan

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I have been living in Brisbane for three months because i need to improve my english. Now I am on holidays for 4 weeks! so am planning to ride a camper van. I would like to show you a way to travel without your campervan. There is some options like jucy : http://www.jucy.com.au/vehicles/jucy-crib-2-berth.aspx 45 $ a day from Brisbane to Sydney (same price the van is left in Brisbane). It is almost the same price than going as backpackers (2 persons). I will upload some photos once I were in Spain.
I am open to answer any question for travellers from Spain to Australia.
See ya!

la bego

Thank you for the information, I grew up in australia, melbourne.....and in the future my husband and I want to travel around like we do in  our motorhome here in spain, I heard about these vans, now with this information I´ll  be able to look them up when I get there. ;D


What´s about that photos!!! I´m going to Australia for holidays about next January and all the information will be welcome!


Nice idea. Please tell us  something about . And show more pics.

Thank you


My english is not very good.

I was in australia 6 years before. I rent jucy cars. Is the small van with bed, kitchen and refrigerator.
It's very nice. The price was 40 australia dolars per day.  Attention!!! With the isurance because is very easy  broken the car glass because the road is not very good and the track have 40 meters the long.


Oh men!,  you guys are so lucky! I wish I could do that again some day. Australia is one of the countries I' d like to travel to but unfortunately I have put it aside so far. Thanks for sharing your experience and info, I' m sure this page followers will appreciate it.
We are always in nowhere, now here.