Engine change in Lleida

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I have been living down here in Lleida for a few months rock climbing. Now just days before I was going to drive my 1986 T3 camper back home to Norway (a very long drive..) I ran out of oil and a long story short, I need a new engine...

I have been considering the 2 options, get the same engine 1,6 td (jx), or upgrade to the 1,9 (aaz).
The car is now at the mechanic Moe`s in Lleida. I do not have a lot of money so I was wondering what you guys thought about the cost of changing to the 1,9 vs just installing the same 1,6.
How much do I usually have to pay for a 1,6 or 1,9 in okay condition?
How many hours/euros do a mechanic need to do the change?

Anyone in here know of a good mechanic in the Lleida area that can do this kind of job? Moe`s are great guys, but i`m not sure they are the best choice for this. My mechanic there gave me an estimate of about 2000-2500 euros, and that is more then I would pay to do the same thing back home...
I was hoping to get the whole thing down to more like 1000-1400 euros, all depending on the price of the engine.



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You can buy a Seat Cordoba, Ibiza... motor in a "desguace" more or less 400/450 € and maybe another 500€ to put it so, i think you can solve the problem with 1000€

for example you have a aaz in Barcelona



Another option you telephone the bigest "desguace" in Spain  Desguaces La Torre

91 860 91 00 and ask for an aaz.

If your mechanic is client of them, maybe the shipping is for free.

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