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@gussi - I hope your van is OK.

I have just been speaking to other VW camper van owners (T1/T2/T3) and they have reported parking problems in some very busy tourist areas.  It really appears to be an issue if your vehicle appears to be an "obvious" campervan.   :-[


Cita de: MultiplexMan en Abril 02, 2011, 23:22:01 pm
It really appears to be an issue if your vehicle appears to be an "obvious" campervan.   :-[

I work in a van conversion company, and this is  why most of the people now ask for campervans that don't look any different to any other van...


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G'day G'day G'day Multiplex Man and greetings from Northern Ireland.
My wife and I travelled from Darwin to Alice Springs back in 1996 in A Toyota CamperVan, we called it 'Bruce (the 1st)' we now have a 67 Split Screen camper which is called Bruce the 2nd.

I just love the Northern Territory, I slept outside under the stars a couple of nights and I can positively say they were a few of the best memorable nights of my life.

I backpacked around OZ in 1993/4. I didn't throw any litter around however.

I travelled in a 1969 early bay with an American chap for 3 weeks between Cairns to Darwin and then to Ayers Rock.

Where abouts are you from?
I have relations in Whyalla, friends in Adelaide and rellies in Perth. The Perth folk would travel a lot with their 4wd and caravan, they generally wilderness camp. They went over to Queensland last year for 20 weeks. It would be nice to be retired, eh?

I go to Spanish Class once a week in the local college. We have a Mexican teacher, so my pronunciation  is different to hers. I read a lot on the Spanish forums and listen to Michel Thomas the Linguist. I find his teaching method very good. I also read a few pages of a Spanish book at nights before I go to sleep. Speaking of which, I must hit the hay.

Cheers Colin
Tiene sellos para Irelanda del Nortes


Hi Colin,

I'm based in Sydney but travel across to Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, ACT and Western Australia regularly - everywhere except NT and Tasmania!

I enjoy driving to a location and walking/cycling every inch of it for a week or two.  This country should provide enough spots for some years to come... ;D



Hi there,

I spent some days in the Northen Territory with a two berth van a couple of years ago (it was a Transit). I didn't have any problem at night, tough my real problem was the very hot days I had (the begining of the dry season), but anyway I would like to repeat :D.

I could check what you tell about the "grey nomads", completely true. By the way, they use to drive such big things that I can´t imagine how much they paid for them.

Enjoy your machine Multiplexman, and post some pictures  .fotografo!!! I would do it, but my old VWT4 is quite disassembled  :(

67Split, good luck with your Spanish, next time use it to post here, we will help you


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@gussi - I hope your van is OK.

Thanks, everything  is ready now. It was a problem with the roller bearing of the primary shaft. The problem was that there wasn´t  roller bearing. Incredibly. I thin k that the mechanical who changed the old engine for the one I have now, was a cook. .panico
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