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Iniciado por brad, Enero 20, 2011, 15:14:43 pm

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Hola everybody!
First of all I'm sorry because I'm not a spanish speaker yet  but I promise that I'll start to study your language.(a latin one as my native....romanian language).
I have a vw T3 ,1.7D and I'm happy to find your forum ...so many people with vw (recreation vehicle) passions.In a few days I'll be able to share some photos with my vw.
What do you think about the 1.7 D engine?


Nice to meet you, Brad!

I travelled to your beautiful country with my van two years ago, and it's an experience that I recommend to everyone!

I used to have a T3 van with a 1.7 engine, and I think it's a extremely strong motor, although very slow. But... who wants to hurry on holidays? ;)

Welcome to our forum, we look forward to see the pictures of your van! .fotografo


Hi brad!
welcome to this forum. I am also a T3 owner, but using a 1.9TD engine, so unfortunately I cannot give you my opinion about the 1.7D.
Anyway, we will be happy to see your pictures!  .fotografo

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Thank you very much for your answers.For Irta and for everyone...some pictures from Romania...and someday maybe you will visit our country.On Monday morning I'll share some photos with my vw.
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
Dracula castle
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
the transcarpatian road



Welcome, we hope to see you in spain sometime.



Nice to meet you Brad!!!
It's very fancy to see people from different countries writting here!

I've got the 1.7 D and everybody says that it's very hard, i like it! At first i thought that it was a 1.6D, but i was wrong!
Here you can see it:


Some people also says that it's a rare engine, so you can be on a trouble to find some pieces... but In my opinion, everything is possible to find... You only must search!!!! And there's a lot of possibilities with the T3!

See you on road! Someday I'll go to your country!

We wait for your photos!!!!  .fotografo I want to see that 1.7!

T3 1.9D, la Cacharra.
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You will find here http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=212095.0 some photos with my T3.
And for morabcn...your car is very nice. This type of engine 1.7 d equiped a lot of cars for german postal and for german army.I bought this car two mounths ago and in a short time I'll start to make it ''nice''(a small camper van).
If you or other friends of you need to find more information about my country and travel information feel free to ask me.You will find  here civilised people and beautiful places and landscapes.
Maybe someday I'll travel in Spain...a beautiful...beautiful country and more than that I want to see a live ''la Vuelta''.As soon as posible I'll share some photos with our ''nature escapes''


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Romanian landscapes...
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
Dambovicioara keys (natural reservation)
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
Dambovicioara keys
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
Dambovicioara keys
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
Dambovicioara keys
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
a traditional cows food storage
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
offroad conditions
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
Prahova valey (Sinaia town)


It's such a beautiful country... .baba .baba!!! Thanks a lot for the pictures, I'm looking forward to go back there some time.


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Hello Irta!
Anytime you want ,Romania is waiting for you!
I'm so glad that you liked Romania because there are some european people wich don't like us.It is true that some romanian citizens make some problems around Europe but...they are not ''the entire romanian people''. Anyway I'm sure that in a few years all of these problems will be memories and all of us will learn what means to respect ''european values''.
So...Romania is waiting for everybody wants to see beautiful and archaic landscapes,places where the traditional life is still alive and very old monasteries
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
an archaic forest
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
*imagen borrada por el servidor remoto
a T5 furgo ...offcamping


hey brad, you've got the reason, maybe the romanians have a bad press around europe, also other etnies or countries, but it's also true that if you've got an open mind, you can know that some bad people can't define an entire civilization...
the problem is that a lot of people only speak about something they heared... not for the experience of going a country and meeting people there. And some politicians that only speaks bad about immigration becouse they are still living at the " rock period " .meparto

my car was a postwagen, like you say, so that is the reason becouse i've got that engine. Something special about postwagens too are the door: It's bigger than normals.

cheers brad!!! nice to meet you
T3 1.9D, la Cacharra.
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Hello morabcn!
Thank you for your answer and for your nice words. You pointed a big true: we must  know people before we talk about them.
I'm so glad to meet people like you and you allready have a friend in my person  ...
And about our cars...very strong.Even if is not so young t3 represents a good van.I'm not so sure if it is a good choice to replace our engine with a 1.9 d,  1y type. In romania is not so easy to omologate it.Can you confirm for me if seat cordoba or other models from seat have vw 1.9 d engine?
And one more thing...I didn't understand your language very well(I started to study it one mounth ago) and I try to find a manual for our cars on ''foro''  :).Can you help me with this? Thank you for understanding!!!


Hey brad, you've got a friend also in spain  ;)
I've got no idea about mechanic (i would like to know but, i'm too young and very busy...), but looking around here, I found that list of engines that you can install:

Alfa 16V - 1,7l mit 132 PS aus Alfa 33
Audi 4-Zylinder
Audi 5-Zylinder - 2,0 TD mit 90 PS
Audi 5-Zylinder mit 115 PS aus Audi 90 / 100
Audi 5-Zylinder mit 136 PS aus Audi 100 5E
Audi 5-Zylinder mit 133 PS aus Audi 80/90/100/200/Quattro/Coupe/Cabrio
Audi 5-Zylinder - 2,5l mit 100 kW (136 PS)
Audi 5-Zylinder - 2,3l 20V mit 125 kW (170 PS) aus Audi 90 (auch quattro)
Audi V6 - 2,6l mit 110 kW (150 PS) aus Audi A6
Audi V6 - 2,8l mit 127 kW (174 PS) aus Audi A6
Audi V6 - 2,4l mit 165 PS - 30V
Audi V6 - 2,8l mit 193 PS - 30V
Audi V6 - 2,8l mit 210 PS - 30V
Audi V6 - 2,5 TDi
Audi V8 - 3,6l und 4,2l 
Chevrolet V8 - F
Ford V6 - 2,3l mit 114 PS aus Ford Granada/Capri
Ford V6 - 2,8l mit 140 PS aus Ford Granada/Capri/Sierra
Ford V6 - 2,9l EFI mit 103 kW (145 PS) aus Ford Scorpio
Ford V6 - 3,0l aus Ford Capri
Ford V6 - 3,2l von Hurrican Racing
Ford V6 Cosworth mit 143 kW
alle Porsche Boxer-Motoren
Rover V8
Subaru V6 Boxer
VW 4-Zylinder aus Golf/Passat
VW 5-Zylinder aus Passat
VW VR6 aus VW Golf/Corrado
VW G60 mit 160 PS aus VW Golf
VW 1,9l TDi 90/110 PS
Seat 4-Zylinder aus Cordova
Oettinger 6-Zylinder-Boxer 3,7l - 180 PS
Oettinger 6-Zylinder-Boxer 3,2l - 140 PS
Serien 2,1l mit Schick-Turbo und 163 PS

Here you have where i found that: http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=19933.0

Maybe you can find some more engines, i don't know... In my opinion it's better that you stay with your engine, becouse some people writtes here that have some problems with oil, when changes the engine. I suppose that it depends who make the engine change...
Also in spain it's difficult to homologate.

For more info about T3 mechanic: http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=27968.0

The manuals are very diffuclut to find, at the foro there isn't the mechanic manual in english (you can only fins it in german here: http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=212852.0), you also can find the "interior manual", where speaks about windows, something about battery... but nothing about mechanic (find it here in spanish: http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=148082.0)

Finally here: http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=3564.0
There are all manuals of the foro.

I hope that information helped you. Also, if you know english well, try to search info here:

Keep studying and have a nice day! see you around here! Stay giving info about your T3 changes, i would like to see how people works with his van at romania!!!!  ;D
T3 1.9D, la Cacharra.
A ritmo cochinero,  llegamos a todas partes.


Welcome to our beloved  forum Brad!
you' ll find plenty of information about travelling, vans and whatever you can imagine around here.

Wow, those pictures are great!  keep them coming ;)

Best regards
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