Help selling a T3 Syncro on this forum

Iniciado por bman18, Agosto 09, 2010, 08:25:08 am

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Who can help me selling my Syncro on this forum. For some reason I can't post in the designated area to sell my furgo.
I suppose I haven't posted enough messages, but my Spanish isn't really up to par.....!  .loco2

Any help is highly appreciated.



Hi Bart,
as much I know is that you must be registred on this forum for 6 months at least and also you need to send almost 50 messages to be abble to post your furgo selling....
hope it helps,


Hi Bart,

   Try another webs, if you need spanish ones and do not know about them send me a private message and i will try my best to tell you. Also if you need a translation maybe i can help :)




as above, you need to be experienced.
as above, you might use other forms, e.g. segundamano, milanuncios, etc.

good luck!


To be able to sell your van in the forum, you have to go more of 6 months, and not to be a novice ... because of it the designated zone doesn,t go out for you
,Though I believe that already they have explained it to you...

el profesor

I am waiting to sell mine... it's good in some way.