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hi ferran and everyone ... how are you all ... i had to return to england as both my father and my mother are very ill but i am returning next week on munday ... ferran if you see this message can u email me on [email protected] please..

love to all



Hello Shaun, I´m Daniel.
I think Ferran is on holidays now, he is going to Morocco with some van friends.
I hope your parents health goes better.
If you need something that we can do, tell us, please.
See you soon,


Hi Daniel how are you ?

I am returning to spain next week and i need to register my van in spain so that i dont have to return to the UK in October for the english MOT Test... is this difficult ... and can you point me in the right direction ... much appreciated



The easiest way to register the van in spain, for you, is to go to the major of your spanish city and register yourself as a citizen of that city. This automatically lets you to go to the traffic agency and "change" your plate into a spanish plate, without any other step (maybe going to the itv).

Hope this helps.

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HI friend,  ;D really you have a nice t2, i love it!!!!!!



Can I ask Shaun, why are you going to get a spanish reg?

A friend from UK did it on a Ex-Mod Land Rover here in the Canaries, I remember he told me it was a bit hard to do... Itv, (same as MOT there), sometimes sucks... I think it'd be better to ask to another english guy first and then you can think what to do...  :roll:
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Ls hombres pierden l salud para juntar dinero, y luego pierden l dinero para recuperar l salud, y x pensar ansiosamente n l futuro, olvidan l presente d tal forma, q acaban x no vivir ni l presente ni l futuro. Viven como si nunca fuesen a morir, y mueren como si nunca hubiesen vivido.