Hola... hablar englis ? :-)

Iniciado por chef007, Junio 18, 2007, 10:31:00 am

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hi ferran and everyone ... how are you all ... i had to return to england as both my father and my mother are very ill but i am returning next week on munday ... ferran if you see this message can u email me on shaun@stratology.net please..

love to all



Hello Shaun, I´m Daniel.
I think Ferran is on holidays now, he is going to Morocco with some van friends.
I hope your parents health goes better.
If you need something that we can do, tell us, please.
See you soon,


that t1 is like scooby doo van men... really pretty... good photos...

welcome, if you came to canarias some time, i am your men ok???



Yossssss eres mi hombre fuertchk!!!

Jajajja! bueno menos coña, la furgo de Shaun se ve guapa...

Hey Shaun as this ppl have said: ur van rulz! Like it!

Best regards!
La Furbonita http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=221070.0

Ls hombres pierden l salud para juntar dinero, y luego pierden l dinero para recuperar l salud, y x pensar ansiosamente n l futuro, olvidan l presente d tal forma, q acaban x no vivir ni l presente ni l futuro. Viven como si nunca fuesen a morir, y mueren como si nunca hubiesen vivido.


  So beautiful T1!! lovely. It's one of my dreams. Where do you come from? this T1 isn't english, or not? I think this because it's left steering

  Macflai, no seras de Tafira?

"Si puedes ver el árbol con el que te vas a estrellar, es subviraje. Si lo oyes, es sobreviraje" Walter Röthl