hello i am jäky

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my name ist jäky. sorry but i can´t write spain and my english is verry bad.
i have a dehler website in germany ( www.dehlerforum.de) . i have see at my webstatistik, that the site www.furgovw.org often vistit my site.
i am intrested what is furgovw and i klick the link.
i have see, that some people have a dehler mobil.
now i have a problem better a user have a problem...
he want to registrate a german T3 dehler in spain. he need an (in german) Homologisierung.
i hope at furgovw is any user to help him. his name was canas (http://www.board-4you.de/boards/191/thread.php?sid=&postid=1012#post1012.

sandra alias jäky


Hola jaky .. welcome to furgovw, much likes to have his(her) foreign visits because it is learned very much .. here in the forum there is algun owner of some T3 dehler that sure he(she) is interested your web page ... as for what you ask of German authorizes one t3 in españa slightly difficult this one everything previous to the year 95 but not impossibly, I put the forum of eat them and homologacione to seeing if it(he,she) helps you in something .. a translator uses web ... regards from españa



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Hi jacky, wellcome to the forum
the importation of old wohnmobiles has became very expensive and time consuming. The cost is about 1500€ and the process often takes months, because from some ago, Spain do not recognize foreing homologations and you have to make a new one for every single vehicle.
This is another bright idea from the spanish governors. :roll:
Hope this helps. Tschüss!!
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hi jaki...
if you became a spanish resident you are entitle to came with your van without inport tax....but spanish buricrathy is a nightmare.....
First you will need to do a FICHA REDUCIDA using a competent industrial engineer, this cost 120 euros also you will need to kkow the homologation reference of your van for this matter, if you dont know...a oficial brand can process the paperwork for you at 90 euros cost....
ones you have the ficha reducida you can pass the ITV ...inspeccion tecnica de vehiculos...then you have to pay local tax road in the province trafic office that you live...and then you pay matriculation tax for the plates.....I told you ....a night mare
good luck.... .loco1


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