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 I'm from middle Spain, Castilla, "Casttle-land' freely translated, but I live abroad.

 I'm looking for all and for nothing.... I'd love to have a T1 and its charm, but the maintenance cost are just too high,  and the actual performance it delivers is not that great when thinking about using it for holiday. A T2, if it can be a 'silverfish' it would be great or a nicely packed T3 with a TDi engine or an injection fuel 92 cv motor would suit as well. But I have other cars, and other expenses so I do not have a clear picture about when and how I could make my move.  



Just remember here in Spain we know the T25's as T3's...  :P
La Furbonita http://www.furgovw.org/index.php?topic=221070.0

Ls hombres pierden l salud para juntar dinero, y luego pierden l dinero para recuperar l salud, y x pensar ansiosamente n l futuro, olvidan l presente d tal forma, q acaban x no vivir ni l presente ni l futuro. Viven como si nunca fuesen a morir, y mueren como si nunca hubiesen vivido.





mister robles  .meparto la mare que te pario . yo no se na de guiri


Mcdonal´s Burguer king coca cola.....
nike windows machintosh pepsi!!!
hamburguer and hot dog, pizza not because is italian ;)
Mi novia es americana y me enseña iglesh! very well fandango....
clear clear, gomaspuninglish the best off the land rover.
See you later alegator.
Que nos trae la vida??


Acab de leer ke tambien se habla euskera aki!!!
Yo se algo de euskera....
Como se dice mujer caliente en euskera????
Que nos trae la vida??


para encontrar mujer caliente hay que salir de euskadi!!!there are not hot women in euskadi.
here in euskadi se folla poco
guztiok egin behar dugu zerbait,gutxi batzuk guztia egin behar ez dezaten.
ama lurra defenda dezagun.


If "CON" is the opposite of "PRO", what is the opposite of PROGRESS?


An unmarried woman is newly pregnant and gets into an auto accident. She suffers a head injury and lapses into a coma for nine months. When she awakens in the hospital, she panics and asks about her baby.

Her doctor is called in and gives her a mild sedative, then he sits down to answer her questions. "I'm so happy to see you recovering", he says. The woman responds, "Thank you doctor, but what about my baby? Is everything all right?" He replies, "Yes, despite your injury, we were able to perform a fairly normal delivery procedure."

"In fact," he goes on, "you've given birth to twins - a boy and a girl."

The woman is very happy and asks when she can see her new babies. The doctor replies, "Right away, but we've already sent the infants home with your brother. We'll call and tell him you're okay. While you were unconscious, your brother took care of everything for you. He even gave the babies names."

At this point, the woman gets upset, "Doctor, my brother is an idiot! What name did he give my little girl?" The doctor answered that her name was Denise. "Oh, Denise, that's not so bad. What name did he give my boy?" The doctor answered, "Denephew".

P.D. ;D Sorry lads, I'm bored


It's me again. Yor gonna hate me .loco2

A stupid one (not that the others werent):

Two guys are moving about in a supermarket when their carts collide.

One says to the other, "I'm sorry - I was looking for my wife."
"What a coincidence, so am I, and I'm getting a little desperate."

"Well, maybe I can help you. What does your wife look like?"

"She's tall, with long hair, long legs, firm boobs and a tight ass.

What's your wife look like?"

"Never mind, let's look for yours!"


The sample shows that native speakers are rare around here and of course for Spanish people this is not serious because we can comunicate much better by other means and words.

Nice jokes anyway. I liked the one about the twins.