How can i solved an issue with barcelona police?

Iniciado por dexmaxblade, Mayo 07, 2021, 12:47:11 pm

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I've come with my wife and my van to Barcelona for around 1 week, here in Barcelona they have a lot of CBD Shops so i bought some flowers which i think are legal since they don't have THC, but the other night 2 cops stopped us to do a check routine and they found the flowers i explained them but they took us to the police station and they said they would analyzed the flowers to see if they were legal weed or no, so my question is would i recover my flowers or should i forget about them? Cause i will leave barcelona in 1 week, so my experiencie with Barcelonan CBD was not very good.


Probably when they are done with the tests you will be long gone..
Sorry to ear about that..